Florida Speaker Jose Oliva Didn't Need to Apologize for 'Host Body' Comments

Jordan Kirkland - March 1st, 2019

While discussing abortion policy Thursday night on CBS Miami Reports, Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva drew sharp criticism from opponents on the left when he referred to women as "host bodies."

Oliva made the comments while discussing abortion with interviewer Jim DeFede. Oliva would go on to use the term five times.

“The challenge there is that there are two lives involved,” Oliva told interviewer DeFede during the conversation. “It’s a complex issue because one has to think, well, there’s a host body, and that host body has to have a certain amount of rights. because at the end of the day, it is that body that that carries this entire other body to term. But there is an additional life there.”

On Friday, Speaker Oliva clarified his use of the word "host" in a to the Orlando Sentinel.

Oliva also issued a formal apology on Twitter shortly after.

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