Gov. DeSantis' Greatest Asset: His Wife Casey

Jordan Kirkland - March 6th, 2019

When Governor Ron DeSantis took office, many political pundits were skeptical, wondering if he would be a true governor of the people, or another placeholder official. Eight weeks into his tenure, and Gov. DeSantis has silenced his critics and eliminated any doubts levied against his ability to lead.

Gov. DeSantis has done more in two months than many governors accomplish in two years – and he's achieved this by compromising and working across the aisle.

In such a short amount of time, he's amassed an impressive list of achievements – making both Republicans and Democrats happy. From Florida's Supreme Court, to making the environment a , Gov. DeSantis has a policy for everyone, making him one of the in America.

But to say that he's completed these feats on his own would be asinine. Of course, he has a competent group in his cabinet, He also has a majority legislature in his pocket. These are valuable assets at his disposal, but all pale in comparison to his "secret weapon": his wife.

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