Roddenberry on Watkins/Shoaf Altercation: 'During the Whole Exchange, Not Once Did Anyone Lay a Finger on Watkins' Fiancée'

Jordan Kirkland - January 21st, 2019

Earlier today, ethically-challenged released a story surrounding an between Mike Watkins and Jason Shoaf, two Republicans vying to replace Halsey Beshears.

The two Republicans are running for the recently-vacated state House seat representing District 7.

In the article, Florida Politics recounts the spat between both men, relying heavily on both parties involved. The story does little to shine the light on the truth, instead opting to leave the truth up for one's interpretation  much like a Christopher Nolan movie.

But this isn't , and the facts are out there. Outlets must be willing to dig deep to find them.

Unlike Florida Politics, RoundTable Politics strives to uncover the truth. And thanks to Sopchoppy City Commissioner Becton Rodenberry, we now know the facts surrounding Watkins' outburst.

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