Two Bills Could Put Patient Privacy in Danger

Jordan Kirkland - April 9th, 2019

With only a few weeks remaining in the legislative session, Florida lawmakers are looking at ramming through measures that could impact the Sunshine State for years to come.

One bill, if enacted, would further solidify the state’s unfortunate status as a “Judicial Hellhole.” 

by Senator Tom Lee and by Representative Amber Mariano could have an adverse effect on the state. making patient's private information public during litigation.

According to the American Tort Reform Association, "these proposals are intended to support the Attorney General’s lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies.  There will be, however, regrettable consequences for consumers. As William Large of the Florida Justice Reform Institute testified on the proposals, if the bills are enacted, private data of individual consumers in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database (PDMP) likely will be made public in litigation. The PDMP was established to guard against individuals going to multiple providers for the same medication, and it was never intended for use as a data repository for litigation. Florida would become an outlier as the only state to allow this disclosure of consumer data."

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